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在刚进行完的双语曼市德比中,主裁颇有争议的新闻多宝体育app下载判罚让这场比赛陷入了舆论焦点。而曼市双雄的中英足球球迷们在“线上战场”之一《曼彻斯特晚报》的评论区更是吵得不可开交。下面,双语就分享一下《曼晚》Why Manchester United's first goal against Man City was given by VAR in derby with Rashford offside 这篇探讨曼联第一粒进球是新闻否越位的文章中,评论区的中英足球部分对线,看看有你吗?(狗头)

1. 球迷Utd20T:

Love the fact city fans are all googling the offside law… it makes the win even sweeter

Let’s just ignore the fact they mustered one shot on goal in 96 mins

You won the possession stats but unfortunately that doesn’t give you 3 pts

Did you enjoy your one hour lock in?





muster:聚集 (支持、力量、中英足球精力等) If you muster something such as support, strength, or energy, you gather as much of it as you can in order to do something. 这里应该是双语强调曼城集全队之力只拿出了一脚射正

2. 球迷philipaarlidge:

The offside rule has ruined more games of football over the years as nobody seems quite sure what the rules are, a hand in the wrong position, or a player in an offside position when the ball is played runs at the goal leaves it to someone else whilst taking the defense away from the ball is deemed not to have interfered with play? More clarity in the rules is needed because refs are making it up as they go along.


deem:认为,相信  If something is deemed to have a particular quality or to do a particular thing, it is considered to have that quality or do that thing.

3. 球迷busdriver:

Why in 2012 referee Stuart Steven Atwell for what was demoted ?


demote:使降级; 使降职   If someone demotes you, they give you a lower rank or a less important position than you already have, often as a punishment. 

4. 球迷CaptainMarvel07:

Premier League Professional Game Match Officials Limited Chief Howard Webb has issued a statement :

"Manchester United's first goal is genuine and legal. Marcus Rashford was offside but he did not touch the ball, the goal was scored by Bruno Fernandes who was onside. It was Nathan Ake who stopped running at the ball before the offside whistle was blown. Manchester City defenders should have been more aware of the fact that Bruno Fernandes was running behind them."

I'll just leave it there




genuine:真正的,真实的   Genuine is used to describe people and things that are exactly what they appear to be, and are not false or an imitation. 真正的

球迷De Bruyne Blue(回复)

That’s some pretty good fluff stuff right there. Except it was Akanji, not Ake involved in the play. So even in your made up statement Howard Webb still gets every aspect of the play wrong.


That’s some pretty good fluff stuff right there. 这句话意思应该是和That’s some pretty good sh*t right there. 差不多,大体就是骂人的话


Howard the red Webb . Enough said


Enough said:无须多讲,不必多言

5. 球迷Steve2012

If a player in an offside position chases the ball and feigns to shoot before letting the ball run on how is he not interfering with play, why was Foden also given offside immediately in the first half on a marginal decision that wasn't allowed to be played out before an offside decision is made? Officiating today at it's worst, Attwell is and always has been a clown.


feign:假装,佯作   If someone feigns a particular feeling, attitude, or physical condition, they try to make other people think that they have it or are experiencing it, although this is not true. 

6. 球迷shazbat

Of course this was a goal. VAR is not always right, but this time it proved its worth. Rashford was clearly shouted at by Fernandez to leave the ball and he did.

Just sour grapes on the part of City supporter cartera , because their state owned oil rich team is not having a good season and other teams are beginning to figure Haaland out . He's not much of a contributor elsewhere on the pitch, so deny him service, and he is just a passenger .



cartera: 这里应该是一个西语词,表示“钱包”。这里应该是曼联球迷用来曼城“土豪球队”

figure out:弄明白,吃透,看穿   If you figure out a solution to a problem or the reason for something, you succeed in solving it or understanding it. 

passenger :注意这里并非指“乘客”,指的是“闲散人员”a member of a group or team who does not do as much work as the others 

7. 球迷De Bruyne Blue

This article is shambles . The writer states - “He opted to leave the pass and as a result” no, if Rashford opted to leave the pass he would not have shielded/run after the pass and ball for 15 yards. The writer also quotes the ifab offside law but conveniently leaves out the fourth clause within the law which states - “making an obvious action which clearly impacts on the ability of an opponent to play the ball.” If running after a pass after being in an offsides position by two yards is not interpreted as being an obvious action which impacts in this case Akanji getting to the ball and Ederson’s positioning then every team should go back to pre-offside tactics and simply cherry pick again.



opt to:选择

cherry pick:选出最佳项目;做出最佳选择

8. 球迷Trouble4

Anyway, I have a question. At the start of the season, after first couple of games, the City supporters were on the United side of this website calling United relegation fodder . Remember?

If we are relegation fodder and you are only one point ahead of us, what does that make you?



relegation fodder:英超球迷对“保级队”的称呼